Snooki Net Worth

Snooki Net Worth

  • Full Name: Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi
  • Net Worth: $4 Million
  • Occupation: Professional actor, television producer, tv personality, screenwriter.
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: white

Snooki Net Worth – A Symbol Of Her Successful Career

Snooki is a very famous TV host. She is well known for her Reality Shows.
She charges about $150 thousands per episode. She earned her name and most of her wealth from a famous MTV reality show Jersey Shore.

Snooki Life History

Snooki Pictures Snooki was named after a movie character in “Save the last dance” movie. Basically she belongs to Chile as she was born there but she was brought up by an Italian American family as they adopted her in her childhood. She went to high school in Marlboro and she was a great enthusiastic and vocal supporter. She studied about animals in college. Her mother was a working lady, she worked as a manager in some office. Her father was supervisor of some auto craps collection store. He was also a serviceman and work free for community.

Snooki Rise To Power

Snooki Photos She took her start in showbiz with a show in which those girls were pointed out who dated with the vulgar and cheap boys. She got selected in the show as she came with her boyfriend for interview. This was a great breakthrough for her. She became popular due to this show and ranked among celebrities. She is also a writer. Her first book , ”Shore Thing” was published in 2011, which is about finding love.

Snooki demands became high with her popularity. She was charging $2200 per episode in first which rose to $30 thousands in second season and in final season she charged $150 thousands per episode.

Rumors About Snooki

Snooki Photos Snooki was a really a changed person after the birth of her first baby. She looks maintained than her past. That’s why there are rumors are all around there that she has undergone a plastic surgery. But she denies it. She says that she feels no shame in telling the truth, if she has undergone plastic surgery to she would not hide it. She says that after the birth of her baby she became more conscious about her health and body. She exercises daily that’s why she is very fit. She says that journalist are trying to spoil her image since her school time.

Snooki is also noticed everywhere for her tattoos. She has many tattoos on different parts of body. On the left arm she has design of a pearl with cross heart. One of the Snooki tattoo is a crown and tiger on her right arm. Similarly she has beautiful tattoos on shoulders.

Other Famous Rich Stars

Snooki Photos John Cena is another famous star of today who is richest among all the wrestlers. $35 million dollars is John Cena net worth. He earns through wrestling and Hollywood.

There is another famous sports star, Shaq o Neal, who owns $350 million. Shaq o Neal net worth is pretty high.

Here the question is, “Does the Snooki stand for this competition of net worth.??”

Snooki’s Sources Of Income

Snooki Photos Snooki is multi talented. She is playing a leading role in Snooki and JWoww. She charges $175,000 for each episode. She does not rely only on acting. She has also other sources of income. She is a writer. Her three books have already published. She makes $75 thousand by making a special appearance in famous shows like Oscar etc. She is also a good speaker. She also earns through by hosting, comparing in shows. Although she is small in size but her skills, talent is far beyond our reach.

So what do you think that she may be able to withstand in the noteworthy celebrity list?

Will she be able to earn more income with her talent and her business?

Snooki Body Statistics:

  • Snooki Body Statistics MeasurementsBra size: 32 C
  • Height: 4 ft 8
  • Weight: 48 kgs
  • Shoe Size: 5
  • Dress size: 4
  • Hair Color: black