Will Ferrell Net Worth
How much is
Will Ferrell worth:

  • Full Name: John William Ferrell
  • Net Worth: $80 Million
  • Occupation: Comedian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: English


Will Ferrell Net Worth – The True Face Of A Comedian

Will Ferrell’s Comedy Career

Ferrell kicked start his career in the 1990’s. He developed himself in improvisation when he joined “The Groundlings”, a comedy group. He featured in various episodes of the comedy show “Saturday Night Live” where he performed wonderfully and was nominated for an Emmy for a Saturday Night Live performance.

Ferrell and Adam McKay, his comedy partner founded Funny or Die in April 2007. It operated as a streaming video website that featured user generated comedy films which the website visitors are allowed to vote on. In January 2009, Ferrell also made his Broadway debut using his one-man show that featured his impression of President George Bush which was known as YouÕre Welcome America– A Final Night with George Bush.

Will Ferrell’s Movie Career

Ferrell went into movies after a successful time at SNL, where he starred in films such as: Old School, Elf, A Night at the Roxbury, The Spy Who Shagged Me, Blades of Glory, Drowning Mona, Superstar, Dick, Anchorman, Zoolander, The Ladies Man, The Other Guys Talladega Nights, Stranger than Fiction,  to mention but a few.

He received two Golden Globe nominations owing to his performances in two movies; Stranger than Fiction and The Producers. Adding to his wonderful film work, Ferrell also provided voice work for a couple of animated television programs and movies.

Will Ferrell’s Childhood

Will Ferrell was born in Irvine, California in 1967 to the family of Roy Lee Ferrell and Betty Kay. Will’s childhood was disrupted by his parents divorce which he encountered at a when he was still young, but he looked at the bright side of this predicament. Will Ferrell schooled at Turtle Rock Elementary, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, both of which are in Irvine. He also attended University High School also situated in Irvine. He had great love for comedy and performed several comedy skits with his friends while he was in school. This gave him a sense of what he hopes to accomplish in the near future.

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Will Ferrell’s Baseball Career

Will Ferrell made history in baseball in Arizona on Thursday March 12, 2015. Ferrell played in 5 games of Major League Baseball spring training on the said date as part of promoting his Funny or Die comedy special. Ferrell traveled to all five Cactus League stadiums by helicopter and van throughout the day to enable him play for the many teams playing all 10 positions. The memorabilia from this one-day professional baseball career will be sold at auctioned where the proceeds realized will be sent to 2 cancer charities.

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Will Ferrell’s Family

Will Ferrell married a Swedish actress by the name Viveca Paulin in 2000 after a long courtship of about five years. Ferrell, his wife and children live in the New York City and Orange County. Their union is blessed with three wonderful sons. Magnus was born in 2004, Mattias, was born in 2006, while Axel was born in 2010.

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Will Ferrell’s House

Will Ferrell apartment is located in Manhattan outfitted with classic modern furnishings and a gorgeous stylish mansion in Los Angeles.

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Will Ferrell’s Car Collection

Will Ferrell Car Collection  has Nissan Leaf, the BMW Hydrogen 7 which is a rare car and Mercedes E 320.

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