Phylicia Rashad Net Worth
How much is Phylicia Rashad worth:

  • Full Name: Phylicia Rashad
  • Net Worth: $55 Million
  • Occupation: Actress, Singer
  • Marital Status: Married To Ahmad Rashad (Recently Separated)
  • Ethnicity: White


Phylicia Rashad Net Worth – How Much Is Phylicia Rashad Worth

Phylicia Rashad net worth stands at $55 million today. She is widely known as an actress and a singer. It is from her achievements from this two great careers that she has made this much wealth.  Some people know her as Tony award winner, which really adorned her acting career.  It is worth noting that most of her wealth hails from acting amid other activities. To understand how Phylicia Rashad has been able to garner such as an amount, a brief account of her life should not hurt.

Phylicia Rashad Before Her Acting Career

Phylicia was born in 1948, in Texas. Most of her childhood was spent in Mexico, no wonder she is able to speak Spanish so fluently.  Her mother was a scholar, poet, playwright and publisher. Based on her mother’s love for arts, it may be said that her career was cut out; from the time, she was young. The father on the other hand, was a medic and he practiced dentistry.  It would interest you to know that Phylicia Rashad other siblings are also in the entertainment industry. The brother sings jazz music whereas the sister is a choreographer, director and actress. It seems like the father and the brother in real estate were the black sheep of the family. Enough said about her background information, let’s delve into her career and Phylicia Rashad net worth.

Phylicia Rashad Pictures

Phylicia’s Career Life And Achievements 

We all know her for her appearance in “The Cosby Show”. She acts alongside other actors such as Raven Symone. This show has compounded her net worth to where it is today. In the show, she acted the role of Clair Huxtable. Her performance in the show was so explicit that she got herself the most coveted Tony award. She became the first African American actress to win the award ever. It was titled “Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play”. The award was granted to her after she performed amazingly on the “A Raisin in the Sun”.

Phylicia Rashad Photos

Besides, Phylicia Rashad net worth also got a significant contribution from other shows including “Everybody Hates Chris”, “In the House” and “Touched by an Angel”. These and many others have made her net worth to skyrocket and her popularity too.

Phylicia Rashad Photos

Phylicia was married to Ahmad Rashad. Phylicia Rashad husband is a renowned basketball player with the NFL. However, they are now separated. Together they have three kids.

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  • Ty Anderson

    the information on this page is all jacked up.
    Both of her parents are of mixed(afro/euro) heritage. Her father being most specifically a Creole.
    Your site lists her as White.
    the photo you have of her with the caption of her ex husband. That is not her ex husband nor is it her father.

  • Robin cravens

    Basketball player with the nfl…really?

  • Jelle

    She is not “white”.