Olsen Twins Net Worth
How much is Olsen Twins worth:

  • Full Name: Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen
  • Net Worth: $300 Million
  • Occupation: Actress and Fashion designer
  • Marital Status: Mary-Kate is married, Ashley is engaged
  • Ethnicity: American


Olsen Twins Net Worth – Is So Wealthy That They Were Ranked As The Wealthiest Woman At Young Age

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen together known as Oslen twins were born in 1986 in Sherman Oaks, California. Though theses sisters look very similar from every angle but they are not identical rather fraternal twins. They are the daughter of David Dave Olsen and Jarnette Jarnie. They have elder brother named ‘Trent’ and a younger sister Elizabeth who is also an actress. This Olsen twins have one more half sister and half brother from their father’s second marriage. The reason behind such massive Olsen Twins net worth is that they have started acting since the age of nine months only.

Olsen Twins Net Worth And Their Career

These twin sisters were first casted in 1987 for ABC sitcom ‘Full House’ and they started career as child actress at the age of nine months. To follow the strict rules of child labor on the work duration of a kid, the sisters used to play in turns. They played the role of Michelle Tanner and this continued till 1995. They also bagged their first award for this singular role as Michelle Tanner. Dualstar Entertainment group is also founded by them and the Olsen Twins sisters produced many successful series of direct-to-video and made for television films like ‘Double’, ‘double toil’, ‘trouble’ and ‘How the West was Fun’.

Olsen Twins Pictures

After the completion of ‘Full House’, this twin sister debuted their feature film ‘It takes Two’ in 1995 and they were again back to the television series ‘Two of a kind’ on ABC sitcom in 1998.

As they grew up, expressed the desire in fashion designing also and Mary Kate was announced as the Fashion icon once by ‘The New York Times’. The Olsen twins have a clothing line for kids and teenage girl in Wal-Mart stores across North America and “Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls” is the beauty line founded by them to guide the girls. So this is very natural that Oslen twins net worth should be high enough as they are engaged in several lines.

Olsen Twins Photos

Olivier Sarkozy, the French banker is one of the Oslen twins boyfriend and it was in the news that Mary Kate has secretly married his 44 years old boyfriend in the last year and this raised the eyes of many people. But Ashley Oslen’s boyfriend, director Bennett Millar is even older than Mary kate’s husband. Bennett Miller is 47 years old now.

Olsen Twins tattoos are not noticed by anyone because they do not have any tattoo at all. They are not great fan of tattoo and this is the reason they did not get inked anywhere on their body till date.

Olsen twins net worth is so massive amount which is not comparable with many popular and famous actress. Mariska Hargitay is a famous American actress but her net worth is very less than these twin sisters.

It was revealed in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ that Fuller house is going to be start again in 2016 that will have 13 episodes but we need to wait to see whether the Oslen twins will be back in this show or not.