Meryl Streep Net Worth
How much is Meryl Streep worth:

  • Full Name: Meryl Louise Streep
  • Net Worth: $45 Million
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Meryl Streep Net Worth – How Much Does The Queen Of Oscar Earned From Her Movies?

Meryl Streep net worth is $45 million; she is one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses. Meryl made her debut in movies way back in 1975 but still today she is high in demand. She is over 50 and still working with all the best talents. Kate Winslet joked that if you are nominated for Oscars then you have to compete with Meryl Streep as she gets nominated almost every year. She is almost all the actresses’ idol in Hollywood.

How Meryl Streep Reached To This Stage Of Life

Meryl Streep moved to New York and started working on Broadway. She started in many prestigious productions, and even earned a major award for her performance in Broadway.

Meryl Streep Pictures

Meryl Streep apparently was not too interested for a film career but when she saw the classic movie Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro she changed her mind and decided to give Hollywood movies a try. She started auditioning for movies but was not able to convince the casting directors, one of them even told her ugly, instead of getting hurt Meryl Streep told the casting director with confidence that she knows she is not very pretty but that is not all they will get if they want to cast her. Meryl Streep almost lost hope of becoming a movie star and continued her work in stage plays. But she was meant to be a big star so she finally got an opportunity to star in a feature filmed named Julia where she was cast alongside the legendary Jane Fonda. This was the first step towards building huge Meryl Streep net worth which is still growing.

Big Break

Meryl Streep’s idol Robert De Niro saw one of her stage play and was very impressed with her acting talent. He suggested that Meryl should play his wife’s role in his classic war movie The Deer Hunter. This movie was mostly about Robert De Niro’s character but some top critics mentioned that newcomer Meryl Streep brought much needed freshness to the movie. She acted so naturally opposite a screen legend like Robert De Niro that people understood she is special.

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Meryl Streep went on to star many classic Hollywood movies like Sophie’s Choice, The Bridges of Madison County, Kramer vs. Kramer, she was nominated for Academy awards more than any other actresses in Hollywood history. She was able to win 3 academy awards so far.

Personal Life Of Meryl Streep

First Meryl Streep boyfriend after movie to NYC was actor John Cazale who unfortunately died of cancer at a very young age, Streep was with him since the last day. Meryl later married Don Gummer in 1978 and they have 4 children together.

Meryl Streep Tattoo at her back shocked many of her fans but later on they found out that was only a temporary body art for one of her movies.

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Most seen Meryl Streep car these days is Prius car and she talked about it in Ellen DeGeneres.

Meryl Streep was known as one of the friendliest people in Hollywood, but not everyone is her fan, apparently director James Cameron once told something not so great things about Meryl at the back stage of Golden Globe awards.

Meryl Streep Photos

Meryl Streep loves joking and she gives great interviews, one of her funniest interviews was for Jimmy Kimmel live in 2012.