Llyod Banks Net Worth
How much is
Lloyd Banks worth:

  • Full Name: Christopher Charles Lloyd
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Ethnicity: African American

Lloyd Banks Net Worth – Is He Part Of The Richest Musicians List Yet?

Lloyd Banks had a real tough childhood. His father was in and out of prison throughout his childhood and his mother had to struggle hard to raise Lloyd and his siblings. He did attend school but he soon realized that he does not really have much interest in studies. He dropped out of high school and decided to peruse his only interest in life music. He loved listening to music when he was just a kid and always wanted to do something in life which is related to music. He also had some real talents otherwise he could not have made Lloyd Banks net worth of $15 million at so early in life.

Career In Hip-Hop

Lloyd Banks Pictures Lloyd Banks hip-hop career started when he was only 17, he and his friends 50 Cent and Tony Yayo decided to form a band. But his friends went to big cities without him, and the frustrated Lloyd decided to meet record producers on his own and make his own hip-hop career without his friends. He made lots of mix tapes in that period of time.

But he very soon joined 50 cent again when the later was signed on to a record label for his first album. He was featured in a song. Very soon the three friends made their own record label G-unit records. Their first album was a big hit and it went double platinum. Young people were crazy about the band and they were counted as the ultimate cool music to listen. This was the first stage of building Lloyd Banks net worth of $15 million.

Personal Life Of Lloyd Banks

When he was a child his father used to be in and out of prison, so crime was part of his life from childhood. After growing up he found success at a very young age but his life was never a bed of roses. In 2011 the Hip-Hop artist was shot in the stomach on September 10th. He ran to the nearest hospital and thankfully his life was saved. He later described that he woke up from the operation and heard the news of 9/11 attack.

Lloyd Banks Photos

Lloyd Banks collaborated with many artists in his career; one of his most popular numbers was when he and fellow artist Fat Joe was featured in a song with 50 Cents. Lloyd still remains very close friends with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo.

Lloyd also had some controversy and feud with other fellow music stars and most famous of them was with Game, he accused that the Game was jealous of his success and he did not like the fact that Lloyd’s music was getting popular and he was receiving more attention that him.

Lloyd Banks tattoo is counted as one of the best tattoos of music world. He had a really big ink work done in his back. He is not married yet to anyone though he is only 33. Lloyd Banks net worth will definitely continue to grow.

He is very close to Jermaine Dupri and in 2012 he helped him in celebrating success of “So So Def” label.  Many people believe that he is yet to reach his full potential as a musician but Lloyd seems to be happy with the way his career is going. He is also constantly keeping his fans updated about his next work via his Twitter account.