Larry King Net Worth
How much is Larry King worth:

  • Full Name: Lawrence Leibel Harvey Zeiger
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Occupation: Radio and TV journalist
  • Marital Status: Married to Shawn Southwick
  • Ethnicity: Jewish


Larry King Net Worth – How Much Money Does The Legendary Journalist Has?

Larry King net worth stands at 150 million dollars today. Most of his earnings are attributable to the salary and achievements; he has gotten from his journalism career. During his career life, he has worked for many media houses, travelled to cover news in different places and had the opportunity to interview very prominent personalities. This has made him to acquire a number of awards, which too have made a significant contribution to his net worth.

The Beginning Of His Career And His Accomplishments So Far

Larry King was born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were of the Jewish origins. Larry’s childhood was not pleasing. His parents were average, the father owning a small restaurant and supplementing what he got with the earnings from the nearby defense plant. The mother on the other hand, was a garment worker. Unfortunately, the father passed on, when he was still a kid. This pushed the family to depend on welfare funds to keep living.

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His father’s demise was too much for the young Larry King.  He entered into depression and could not study well.  He only managed to complete his high school education but he did not have adequate money to further his studies. Besides, his family’s situation was a big blow on him that he did not have the zeal to continue with his education. He immediately entered into the informal labor market, to assist the mother.

His career was a mere incidence. He began by becoming a friend to a CBS announcer. He was advised to move to Miami, with the promise that a job will be forthcoming since there were radio presenters’ opportunities, for even the inexperienced people. His first job on radio, did not involve sitting in front of a microphone. On the contrary, he used to do odd jobs such as cleaning. Fortunately, for him, an announcer in the WAHR quit his job and Larry King replaced him. He worked as the DJ and he could earn 50 dollars weekly.

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In 1978, he was made the host of Mutual Broadcasting System. The show involved prolonged interviews with different personalities. While this added a significant amount of money to Larry King net worth, his television show was the highest contributor. The show started in 1985 all the way to 2010. By the time it was over, as the CNN reported, Larry had conducted 60000 interviews. This was quite impressive. He is among the most successful journalists including Laura Ingraham and O’Reilly.

Larry King Private Life

Besides his large net worth, another thing that makes Larry an icon is his eight marriages. Larry King wife today is Shawn Southwick, with whom they have children. Larry King also has other children from previous marriages.

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There you have it, the net worth of Larry King.

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