Kristen Bell Net Worth
How Much Is Kristen Bell Net Worth?

  • Full Name: Kristen Ann Bell
  • Net Worth: $16 Million
  • Occupation: Actress, film producer
  • Marital Status: Married to Dax Shepard
  • Ethnicity: White

What Is The Kristen Bell Net Worth?

Kristen Bell net worth is about $16 million. Most people know her because of her acting performances. However, she also works as a film producer.  Besides her careers in acting and in film production, she has ventured in dancing and singing. Over the years, she has been able to garner a whopping 16 million dollars as net worth and gained popularity across the world. By looking at her career journey, you will understand why Kristen Bell net worth is this much.

How Kristen Bell Rose To Fame?

Kristen was born and brought up in Michigan. She first rose to fame when she starred in “Virginia Mars”, television production. However, this was not the first time she appeared on TV. On the contrary, she had acted in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, which was a TV production by Broadway.  This was not her only appearance on Broadway, since she had been involved in a series of productions before she auditioned for “Veronica Mars”.

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Her role in Veronica Mars boosted her popularity and increased Kristen Bell net worth, even if it was aired only for three years. In 2005, she was recruited for a role in “Reefer Madness: The Musical”.  All thanks to her charisma and great looks, Kristen acquired yet another successful role. This time, it was in “Heroes”, which aired until 2010 on NBC channel.

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Besides the above roles, Kristen Bell has also appeared in a couple of movies, some romantic and others horror. In 2008, she acted for the first time in a romantic movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.  This role exposed her to movie directors and it increased her worth. For her explicit performance in the movie, she got roles in “You Again”, “Burlesque” and “Safety Not Guaranteed”. In 2012, she came back to the television, in the show “House of Lies”. The series is still running today.  This too has added to her net worth substantially.

Who Is Kristen Bell Off The Screens?

Kristen Bell once dated Kevin Mann. However, their relationship did not see the light of the day.  She was even quoted saying that dating makes her have a nauseating feeling. Nonetheless, by the end of the same year, to be precise, 2007, she started dating Dax Shepherd. After dating for three years, they were engaged and married back in 2013.  Kristen Bell husband is an actor too. The couple has two daughters namely Delta Bell Shepard and Lincoln Bell Shepard.

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Kristen Bell net worth is that much but it is open for changes, since she is continuing to take new roles in both films and TV shows.