Keith Richards Net Worth
How much is Keith Richards worth:

  • Full Name: Keith Richards
  • Net Worth: $280 Million
  • Occupation: Musician, songwriter, guitarist
  • Marital Status: Married to Patti Hansen
  • Ethnicity: White


What Is Keith Richards Net Worth?

Keith Richards net worth is stated to be around $280 million. The highest percentage of this money is attributable to his earnings from “The Rolling Stones”. The band is known worldwide. Keith Richards is also an established singer, songwriter, guitarist and a record producer. Furthermore, he is a co-founder of the band, which means he takes a substantial share of its earnings. All these have brought about his massive net worth.

Keith Richard’s Music Career

It is not appropriate to talk about Keith Richards, if you leave out Mick Jagger. He is the only member of the band “The Rolling Stones”, with whom they had a strong friendship. Together, they have composed and written most of the tracks of band. That is why, as Rolling Stones Magazine, the two have written 14 hit tracks. Actually, songwriting is one of the major contributors of his net worth. The magazine also went ahead to announce that Keith was position ten on the list of best guitarists. His grandpa taught him this skill. Keith Richards grandfather was a member of the band “Gus Dupree and His Boys”. He is also multitalented since, he is also good with the keyboard and a great bassist too.  Besides Mick Jagger, Chuck Berry has also influenced Keith’s music career positively.

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One of their songs “Satisfaction” gained the band financial success as well as popularity. Other 14 songs, got a slot in the list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, prepared by the Rolling Stones magazine. When he was a teenager, he could not sing well in the choir but today, he is an asset in their music band. He is the lead voice. Keith has also acted in the film “Jack Sparrow”, where he portrayed the character of a drug addict.

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Keith Richards Off Music Scene

Keith’s life has been characterized by controversies. He has been reported to use drugs and rubbed the authorities the wrong way, for many times.  From 1967, he has had five arrests. The most popular one was in 1977, when he was discovered with 22gm of heroin in Canada. However, his charges were reduced and he was accorded a suspended sentence. He was also supposed to seek immediate treatment and perform benefit concert. About his love life, he has dated twice and with the two women. First, it was with Anita Pallenberg, with whom he got three children but the third died. Then came, Patti Hansen and with her they have two girls. Keith Richards wife is a model.

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There you have it, the net worth of Keith Richards.