Katie Holmes Net Worth
How much is Katie Holmes worth:

  • Full Name: Kate Noelle Holmes
  • Net Worth: $25 Million
  • Occupation: Actor/Model
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American


Katie Holmes Net Worth – Is The Amount Really Her Earning Potential?

Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was born in 1978 in Toledo, Ohio. She is the daughter of Kathleen and Martin Joseph Holmes. Kathleen was a philanthropist and Martin Holmes was an attorney. Since her teenage only she started to attend many musical and modeling classes at her hometown though her father wanted her to be a doctor. At the age of 14 she was taken to the International modeling and Talent Association competition where she signed with an agent for acting. It was in 1996 and she has debut her acting career in 1997 by the hit movie ‘The Ice Storm’. This was the beginning of Katie Holmes net worth and now it is growing.

Katie Holmes Net Worth And Career

This American actress became very popular as ‘Joey Potter’ from the hit show ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and her excellence performance helped to bag many more movies. Disturbing Behavior, Go, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Pieces of April and The Gift are some of the movies where she did great. ‘Dawson’s Creek’ started in 1997 and went till 2003. After this show Katie Holmes again focused on film career and ‘Thank you for smoking’, ‘Batsman Begins’ were the high profile project after this show. Katie Holmes net worth is so healthy today but she had a tough time too like others and once she was criticized as the ‘movie’s weakest link’ by the critics.

This popular American actress was married to Tom Cruise in 2006 and she gave birth to her daughter in the same year. 2006-2010 was the break time for her as she stepped out for her pregnancy. But she was back to the field with many television work and films in 2010. The couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes broke up and got divorced in 2012. She was seen in many movies in the lead role after 2010 and ‘Jack and Jill’, ‘Days and Nights’, ‘The Giver’, ‘Mania Days’ and ‘The Woman In Gold’ are some of her recent movies. She has acted with David Spade in the movie Jack and Jill.

Katie Holmes Photos

This beautiful actress stole the heart of many people and many will be surprised to know that Dane cook was also in love her which he stated before Katie Holmes got married to Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes does not have any permanent tattoo but she got once in the last year while attending the Old Navy and Joe Zee’s party for celebrating the New York fashion week. The Katie Holmes tattoo was a goldfish that she got inked on the nape on her neck. She also stated that she won’t get inked any permanent tattoo as her daughter Suri would kill her if she gets one.

Katie Holmes Photos

Katie Holmes car were involved in an accident in 2012 while she picked up her daughter from the gymnastic class. A truck had damaged the rear driver side panel but no injuries were reported. It was in New York City and her daughter ‘Suri’ was just 6 years old by then.

Now this actor is heard to co-write and co-produce a movie named ‘Molly’ which is the story of a single mother. The way this American actor is coming back and getting deeply involved in the film career, definitely Katie Holmes net worth is going to be healthier soon.

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