John Madden Net Worth
How much is John Madden worth:

  • Full Name: John Earl Madden
  • Net Worth: $200 Million
  • Occupation: Retired Football player
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

John Madden Net Worth – Is He The Richest Sports Person Ever?

John Madden was born in Austin, his father was an auto mechanic, when he was young his father moved to California. John was a studious student; he graduated high school in 1954. Even though John was not bad at studies it was his talent in football that made him stand out among his friends. He loved playing football more than his studies. It is his sports career that made the huge John Madden net worth of $200 million.

John Madden Career

John Madden had a lot of potential to become one of all time great footballers. Critics loved the way he could play effortlessly in both offence and defense. When he was at college many people predicted that he will play professional football for many years. But his destiny had some other plans for him. He suffered a terrible injury and the doctors told him that he could never play again. So his dream of playing in the NFL ended before it even began.

John Madden Pictures

But John Madden loved football more than anything else in life. He wanted his career in this sport. So when he learnt that he could not play as a player anymore he decided to become a coach. He somehow wanted to be part of this great game which he loves so much. Thankfully for him he got some offers for coaching and his new innings began.

He started coaching college football teams and helped his teams to win many matches. Even though he was just coaching the kids his talents, as a motivator he was getting noticed by some big players. Very soon he was hired by Al Davis to coach AFL’s Oakland Raiders. This team was not playing that well when he joined them but John brought a vast improvement among the players and they did splendidly in Super Ball that year. That was the start of his success, people started offering him big money to coach their team. According to many he was without doubt the best coach they ever saw. He was also one of the highest paid coaches in the history of the game. One can figure that out easily by the simple fact that John Madden net worth is $200 million and most of them came from coaching.

John Madden Photos He was also a happily married guy, he has two children who both shined at studies, and his personalities off the field made him one of the most popular coaches in the world. He is seen with lot of respect in Football world. He is one of the few athletes likes Bo Jackson who was able to build a huge empire even after a devastating injury.

He is still involved with the game; he also shares his opinion about current players time to time, like recently he shared some valuable advice about current sensation 22 year old football player Johnny Manziel.

John Madden net worth shows that if you are really passionate about something then you can shine in that field no matter how many obstacles come in your way. He got an injury that ended his dream as a player, but he did not change the field. He stuck to the game and today he is one of the most loved coaches in USA.

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