Jim Cramer Net Worth
How much is Jim Cramer worth:

  • Full Name: James J. Cramer
  • Net Worth: $100 Million
  • Occupation: Television personality/ Author
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Jim Cramer Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Jim Cramer was born in a Jewish family; they lived in a small town of Pennsylvania. His father was associated with packaged products. Jim was a smart student; he did really well at both school and college. Jim Cramer wanted to be financially independent from an early age that is why he took his first job as an icecream salesman when he was very young. From there he never stopped working and built Jim Cramer net worth of $100 million step by step.

Career Of Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer was an exceptionally good student. He studied in Harvard, one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. When he was in the college he started writing for the college newspaper. After finishing his studies he started working as a reporter, he never chose an easy way but from the beginning of his career he chose to deal with controversial subjects like Ted Bundy the serial killer. He started getting noticed for his writings, according to many critics who reviewed his earlier work he told his stories like no one else. His readers found his writings incredibly engaging.

Jim Cramer Pictures

This was the just the beginning. Jim Cramer net worth was yet to be built; he actually lived in his car while he was a student. How he made this much is a lesson for many people. While at college Jim started investing in stock market and he made a lot of profit in that. He later talked in detailed about his investments.

Jim Cramer Photos

He started working with CNBC where he hosted a program called Mad Money. His ability to act natural in front of camera made him famous immediately. He appeared in many late night talk shows including Conan O Brien. He also guest acted in highly popular sitcom Arrested Development. He also appeared in popular movies like Wall Street money never dies, and Iron Man. It is hard to believe someone who does not host a comedy show but talks about rather boring things became really popular among the TV viewers. People who watch his show regularly say that no one has as much convincing power as he does.

Personal Life Of Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer Photos Jim Cramer is married twice and he has two kids, but his first marriage ended in divorce. After that people were shocked to see a much younger woman as Jim Cramer girlfriend, he got married to her earlier this year. Jim who started financial new website the street currently lives in New Jersey. Jim Cramer net worth is huge and he is as famous as other TV personalities like Bill Maher. One cannot deny that he is a cultural icon and one of the brilliant minds of our times.

One of the best things that Jim Cramer taught people is that no matter what one’s income is they need to always save some money. According to him one does not need to save a lot of money all the time, sometimes finance is tough, but even at that time people should try to put away even $1 for future. This is not hard, but in harder times these savings will act like best friend. He started investing at an age when people just think about spending, he chose to be different and became a true winner in life.

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