Deadmau5 Net Worth
How much is Deadmau5 worth:

  • Full Name: Joel T. Zimmerman
  • Net Worth: $12 Million
  • Occupation: Music producer
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: White Canadian

Deadmau5 Net Worth – How Much Is The Famous Music Producer Worth?

Deadmau5 net worth stands at 12 million dollars currently.  He is known as one of the most competent music producer. He hails from Toronto, Canada. Most people know him because of the way he mixes different music genres to come up with a large spectrum of dance music.  His tracks have been released in the market, compiled into some huge albums, including “Tech-Trance-Electro-Madness”, “A State of Trance” and “In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza”. He has also produced his own albums and worked alongside other producers and DJs. With such as a record, his net worth cannot be any lesser. Let’s have a closer look on his life.

Deadmau5 was born to his parents Rod a worker at the General Motors plant and Nancy, who was a visual artist. He had two siblings a brother and a sister. You may be excused to wonder where he got his stage name, since many people keep wondering. Just that you know his birth name is Joel T. Zimmerman. As the story goes, his stage name was derived from an experience he had as a kid. When he was 13 years, his PC began to smoke and broke down.  It is normal for teenage boys to be curious and Joel was an exception. He opened the computer and his eyes met a dead rat.

To him the experience was strange and so he could not wait to share it with his friends. The boys gave him the nickname “dead mouse guy”. Later when he entered the music industry, he chose to remain with the nickname but changed it a little bit. Deadmau5’s friend, Jay Gordon threw him a suggestion that headdress featuring some mouse ears, would distinguish him from other artists. If you do not know Jay, he is a lead singer, journalist and of course, a music producer as Joel.

Deadmau5 Rise To Popularity And Wealth

Zimmerman only came to the public notice in 2000s. He started by putting his demos on SectionZ and proceeded to establish his own website, His first album came in 2005 and it was titled Get Scraped. The album comprised of a combination of music genres among them trip-hop, noise-pop and IDM. It had singles such as “I Forget”, “Bored of Canada” and “Intelstat”. Some years later, he founded his record label mau5trap. The first of his albums, to be produced under the label was The Random Album Title, which became position 31 on the UK album charts and increased Deadmau5 net worth significantly. It had hits such as “Faxing Berlin”, “I Remember” and “Nor Exactly”. His collaboration with the likes of Bighorse and MC Flipside, has also boosted his worth.

He has dated severally with his last being with Kat Von D a tattoo artist in 2012. They were even supposed to marry and shared a number of tattoos. One Deadmau5 tattoo, reads “289m3d22h”.

There you have it, Deadmau5 net worth.

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