Chevy Chase Net Worth
How much is Chevy Chase worth:

  • Full Name: Cornelius Crane Chase
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Comedian, actor, businessperson
  • Marital Status: Married to Jayni Chase
  • Ethnicity: White


Chevy Chase Net Worth – How Much Is Chevy Chase Worth?

Chevy Chase net worth is estimated to be about 50 million dollars. He is popularly known as a comedian, writer and actor. However, he has garnered most of his money as a comedian. His other careers in acting and writing have also augmented his net worth significantly.  He has been in a number of films, shows and comedy shows. What are the sources of Chevy Chase net worth? Below is an account of his life, career and achievements to date.

Chevy Chase Early Life-His Childhood And Rise To Fame

Cornelius Crane Chase, known by his stage name Chevy Chase was born and raised in New York City. His parents were Catherine Parker and Edward Tinsley Chase.  His parents were wealthy, even if their net worth then, cannot measure up to what Chevy Chase has today. Before we delve further into his life, it is best you know that he is an heir, all thanks to Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane.  He was her mother’s stepfather and he gave Chevy the Canada’s Crane Plumping business, which had been founded by a friend. The company deals with drainages and sewer systems. One investment has continuously contributed to his net worth.

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After completing his education at Stockbridge School, he got an admission to Haverford College. However, he could not stay here for long, owing to his weird jokes. He moved to Bard College, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English. At the time, it was compulsory to enter military service but Chevy avoided. He lied that he had some recessive homosexuality tendencies, which are likely to show up after being enclosed with men. He had to take some minor jobs before he got into the entertainment industry, some of which included truck driver.

Chevy Chase Career Life In Acting And Comedy

Chevy Chase Photos In 1970, he moved to comedy and from that day Chevy Chase net worth took a good turn. He became popular, when he was called upon to work at National Lampoon Radio Hour. He ran the show alongside Bill Murray and John Bellushi. Within no time, he was recruited to be among the cast for SNL, a very popular TV program in America.  He also appeared at Saturday Night Live and made the show very famous owing to his hilarious updates. Chevy Chase is also popular for his role in Lampoon Vocation films. In addition, he has also acted in some successful comedies such as Three Amigos, Gaddyshack and Fletch. Last but not the least; the comedy star had a role in Community, NBS series, which aired from 2009 to 2012. The earnings from all these films and shows are attributable to his current net worth.

Chevy Chase Personal Life

Chevy Chase has had many problems in his relationships, owing to drug issues. Others claim that his behavior stems from his rich upbringing. He has married thrice. Chevy Chase wife today is Jayni Chase and they have a daughter.

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That is Chevychase net worth in a nutshell.